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If there is ever a year to truly celebrate, honour, applaud and reward our teachers, it’s 2020.

This year, teachers everywhere navigated uncharted territory as they took on the task of moulding young minds during a pandemic. Zoom classes, online assignments, take-home lessons, emails, test and exam prep… Many of us got a glimpse into the hectic, often thankless job that these unsung heroes take on each day. This year they pulled out all the stops to make sure our kids made it through the academic year.

So how do you even begin to say, “Thank you for being so absolutely amazingly awesome, going above and beyond and not going a bit ‘nutty’ in the process”? Well, a simple gift packed with love might just do the trick.


Simple and Sweet

More than anything money can buy, words of appreciation can be the ultimate gift. And we’re pretty sure that many teachers need their feel-good tank filled after such a crazy year. Thank-You’s straight from the heart could be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Why not ask your kids to write a handwritten note, card or letter to their teacher to let them know how much they care?
  • You could film your child’s Thank-You message and email or text it to their teacher for a super special surprise.
  • Get your kids to write a handful of encouraging notes on strips of paper, fold them up and pop them into a jar filled with their teacher’s favourite treats.

Home-Made and Heartfelt

Sweet words sorted! Now let’s throw in some sweet treats for good measure!

Fruity Chocolate Bark
Chocolate as a Thank-You gift? Spot on. Chocolate bark? Next level. Chocolate bark with a touch of fruity flavour? Now that’s just genius! This fruity chocolate bark recipe will make those long days and nights spent marking and lesson planning totally worth it.

Coffee Nut Brittle
We can bet that it was a steady supply of caffeine that kept teachers going this year! So a little more coffee goodness shouldn’t hurt, right? Your child’s teacher will love this heavenly coffee nut brittle made with mixed roasted and salted nuts.

Savoury Cheese Cookies
Teachers will likely be drowning in sweet treats by the end of the festive season (sugar coma, anyone?). Why not give their sweet tooth a break and shake things up with something savoury? These savoury cheese cookies are moreish little mouthfuls of yum!


Snacktastic Hampers

No time? No problem! Drive your child’s teacher ‘nutty’ in the best possible way this year… with Montagu! Our shelves are stocked with super healthy, yummy treats that your teachers will love. We also have incredible snack hampers packed with goodies available in store and online.

One thing’s for sure - it’s not easy being a teacher. So we hope that these gift ideas will make for some very happy teachers this Christmas. They certainly deserve it!

Find your nearest store or order your snacktastic gifts online today!

Special thanks to the lovely Teresa from Cupcakes and Couscous for creating these amazing recipes for our loyal fans! They always go down so well.
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