Frequently Asked Questions

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If sugar is indicated in the ingredient list there is added sugar, if not in ingredient list, there is no added sugar to the product.

Cranberries have added sugar. Since cranberries are not palatable as is, these berries are traditionally sweetened and dried to reduce some of their tartness.

At Montagu we promise to innovate and find products that are tasty, without any added sugar. We add new products with reduced sugar or no added sugar to our product list regularly. If you’d like to find out which of our products have no added sugar go to the search function on the website and search “no added sugar”.

Irradiation needs to be declared on labels. None of our products are irradiated and therefore no statement of such treatment will be found on our labels.

Sulphur dioxide is a preservative used on most dried fruit and is necessary for colour retention and to preserve the nutrients of the product – extending the shelf-life. Our products have very low quantities of preservatives and we also have a range of products with no preservatives added.

At Montagu we strive to innovate and develop products that are healthier, which means no added sugars, colourants, flavourings and preservatives. Some products, however have to have preservatives added, to preserve the product for longer.

There are some of our products that are however preservative free. The following products have no preservatives added:

Pitted Dates

Turkish Figs

Banana Chips




Thompson Seedless Raisins

All of the Nuts & Seeds Montagu

RAW Date and Nut Truffles (Cinnamon and Coconut Flavoured only)

Montagu Fruit Flakes (no preservatives added)

Montagu Fruit Swirls

Montagu Sour Wiggles

For a full list of our preservative free products search preservative free on the website.

Montagu supports local suppliers and produced where possible. We will however source product abroad and import if:

- products are not produced in South Africa
- products are not available all year round in South Africa
- the price and quality of products are not in line with our company policies.

About 60% of our product range is imported due to non-availability in SA. Local suppliers will always receive preference in our purchasing decision.

As required by law, the country of origin is stated clearly on the back of each packet.

CSSR is an Almond variety. CSSR Almonds stands for California Select Sheller Run Almonds. California is the classification and select sheller run the grade.

CSSR is an inferior grade of Almonds to NPS. As an inferior grade – colour sorting is not as relevant (and therefor CSSR Almonds has a wide spectrum of different colours).

NPS is the abbreviation for Nonpareil Supreme Almonds. Non Pareil is the classification and supreme the Grade.

The majority of almond production in California falls into the following three major classifications: Nonpareil, California, and Mission.

All the Almonds we pack are developed using traditional methods; genetically modified almond varieties are not used.

Therefore the product is GMO free.

We can assure you that we are committed to only using sustainably- and ethically sourced products and ingredients.

This is also the case with palm oil where we only use certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). We have been in the process of investigating other oils to roast our nuts.

The investigations, unfortunately, do take time as there are numerous elements that need to be taken into consideration to find a solution that is not harmful to our customers and still provide the best quality product at an affordable price.

Until we introduce another roasting oil we are committed, and have been for some time, to only buy palm oil from suppliers that belong to RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

RSPO is a global organisation dedicated to the sustainable production of palm oil and has developed a set of standards, principles and criteria that address the legal, economic, environmental and social requirements of producing sustainable palm oil.

These include; ensuring that no new primary forests or high conservation value areas have been cleared for palm oil production since November 2005, and that mills and plantation owners minimise their environmental footprint. We believe that the RSPO is the most legitimate body to help solve the environmental and social issues associated with palm oil.

This said we are always looking to innovate and improve on what we do and this is why we are currently investigating other oils for roasting and will keep our customers posted.

Unfortunately we do not supply apricot pips but please contact De White Industries on 023 614 1139 for assistance.

Allow us to help you with this, please contact us for assistance on Remember to include your order number.

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