Almond & Cranberry DYI Brownie Jar 

Almond Cranberry DIY Brownie Jar

There's something special about giving a home-made gift to a mom: simple, thoughtful and oh-so sweet.

Speaking of sweet, here's an easy gift idea for the kids to put together for mom this Mother's Day. Coupled with a heartfelt card, it's sure to bless AND impress her.



  1. Measure all the ingredients and set aside in separate bowls. Sift the flour and baking powder together. Roughly chop the almonds. Split the castor sugar in half to provide even looking layers.
  2. Working carefully spoon the ingredients into the jar one at a time, gently shaking the jar inbetween each layer to level out the ingredients.
  3. Seal the jar tightly then decorate with a few ribbons and two tags, one with a message for Mom and the other with the baking instructions for the brownies, see below.
  4. Almond & Cranberry Instructions:
  5. Empty the jar mix into a large bowl and add in 125g melted butter and 3 large eggs. Beat together until all combined. Place in a lined baking tray and bake at 150°C for 40 minutes.
Mom will love this gift! 
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