Hertzoggie Bouquet

These Hertzoggie cookies with a Montagu Snacks twist is a perfect Mother's Day treat idea. We used dried cranberries instead of jam!  The pastry is shaped into flowers and placed on paper straws, arranged into a beautiful bouquet. Thank you Ate Kitchen for this lovely inspiration! 



Beat the egg whites gradually adding sugar until thick and glossy. Mix in vanilla essence and coconut well. Cut the pastry with a scallop-edged cutter and make a small hole in the centre using one of the paper straws.
Place a few cranberries in each pastry base and spoon the coconut meringue on top, sprinkle with the mixed seeds and extra coconut flakes.

Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes.

Cut the paper straws into different lengths, leaving some straight and bending the others. Once the hertzoggies are cool push gently onto the paper straws and arrange in a vase.

Serve and enjoy! 
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