Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas are hard to come by, even for the most creative amongst us. Although you may think Valentine’s Day is cheesy, it only comes around once a year and we only have one life to live. So, how do you make the most of this day? We have some cute Valentine’s date ideas we think you’ll love.

The key to a great Valentine’s Day date is planning ahead. By having a clear idea of the basics of the day, you’ll be able to focus on the fun and unique Valentine’s Day activities you have planned! 

1. Plan a treasure hunt for him/her ending in a romantic candle-lit dinner

Hide small romantic gifts and hints to the next clue around the house, your garden or neighbourhood locations. The final clue should lead your honey to a beautiful, candle-lit dinner for two at a lovely restaurant or your backyard. Cook something yourself and set up a romantic scene at home for when you get back from the treasure hunt. If the weather permits, why not put together a tasty Valentine’s basket? We think you’ll love our selection of snacks, ideal for a romantic treat for two. Put together a Valentine’s Day basket filled to the brim with our delicious snacks, and take advantage of the warmer season with a romantic picnic outside.

2. Plan a day out to his/her favourite spot

Romantic Valentine’s Day dates don’t have to be expensive or even that tricky to plan! Surprise your special someone with an inexpensive outing to your favourite park or beach. Think about what your partner would enjoy most, and plan a fun Valentine’s outing around that. For example, if your person loves wine tasting, plan a day out at a local wine farm and end it off with a sunset boat ride or a movie at the open-air cinema. 

3. Plant a special tree, rosebush or favourite flower together

How strange would it be to get gardening gloves as a Valentine’s gift? Well, it’s a great way to surprise someone – you can get to the really romantic stuff after you’ve planted something beautiful to grow. It will remind you both of the love you share.

4. Skip the crowds

 If you’d like to avoid the crowds of couples, why not opt for a romantic and low key Valentine’s day date? Celebrate the day at home, with a cheesy rom-com and your favourite person. Set up your home and spoil your loved one with a personalised selection of tasty snacks, decorations and candles to transform the space into the perfect venue for a Valentine’s day home date. Not only will this route likely be more inexpensive, but it also allows you to spend quality time with your partner, without all the distractions.

When all’s been said and done, Valentine’s Day is your chance to go out of your way and plan a fun and creative day that you and your partner can enjoy together. Don’t get caught up in the hype of it all, but instead think of what your partner would enjoy most - no matter how cheesy it may be!

Fill up your Valentine’s Day snack basket with love and enjoy the day. 
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