Covid-19 Statement

Montagu's response to Covid-19

The safety of our customers, our staff and suppliers is our number one priority. We have implemented precautionary measures to ensure we operate safely, and responsibly. We are continuously monitoring the evolving situation regarding the pandemic and are following the expert guidance of health authorities, local governments and the WHO.

Packing Facility and DC

  • Daily temperature checks. Any individual who shows signs of having a raised temperature will be asked to remain at home.
  • Increased frequency of routine sanitation and handwashing and at the start and finish of every operational process.
  • Routine sanitation and cleaning of all surface areas after the completion of each production phase.
  • Employees are instructed to stay home from work if they even suspect any form of sickness, and are encouraged to get tested for Covid19.
  • Ongoing staff education regarding the Covid19 virus preventative measures and
  • With immediate effect, we are introducing more stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  • Sanitising equipment will be available throughout all operational and administrative facilities.
  • We have implemented shifts to reduce the number of staff on premises at any given time.
  • Daily working schedules have been implemented to reduce crowded situations such as tea-, lunch- and clock times.
  • Non-essential local and international travel has been discontinued.
  • Most distribution will be outsourced.
  • No outside persons will be allowed on the premises.
  • Outsourced, dispatch and received drivers will be required to complete a questionnaire on arrival and will be required to remain in their vehicles for the duration of their stay.
  • In the event where our own dispatch drivers need to travel, they will not be allowed to enter the operational area when returning to the facility in Montagu, but will be taken to a separate area to follow thorough cleaning and sanitising procedures.
  • Medical support and a quarantine area has been allocated should a potential or confirmed case of coronavirus arise in the business.
  • Persons testing positive with the Covid-19 virus will be immediately separated and isolated from fellow employees.


  • We will implement no-contact deliveries.
  • Drivers sanitise their hands before and after every delivery.

Our Offices

-Work from home protocol - Where possible, all administrative staff and the management team will work from home.

For More Information

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