Rebuild yourself with healthy habits
Welcome, 2021!

Like us, you’re probably more than glad to see the back of last year. Bring on the New Year, right? But before we welcome 2021 with open arms, let’s just take a moment to be real for a second… Self-assessment time. How are you feeling? Depleted? Sapped? A little worn out? Overwhelmed? Not yourself? A bit of a mess? Emotions all over the place?

You are not alone.
Most of us are running on empty after trying to survive such a crazy year. No surprise there. But what if this year was about rebuilding and learning to thrive? Here at Montagu we believe that you can’t pour from an empty cup: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually – if your cup is empty, you will have very little to give out. We have to be intentional about keeping our cups filled. Yes, there may be a lot that you can’t control right now, but there is actually a lot that you can control.

2021 will only be as good as your habits.
If you, like most people, found that your good habits took a back seat as you tried to keep your head above water in 2020, here’s some good news: it’s not too late to start fresh, start right and nurture some healthy habits from today. It’s a brand new year, and a fresh opportunity to rebuild yourself and keep your cup full and overflowing.


These four pillars will help you commit to building strong, maintainable habits in 2021: FOOD, FITNESS, REFLECTION and FUN


Habit: get fueled 
Your food is your fuel, so fill up with the good stuff. Eat lean and clean. Less sugar and salt, more protein, fruit and veg. Eating this way takes some planning and preparation, but once you find a rhythm that works for you, the whole family can benefit from these positive eating habits. You won’t just feel fed, you’ll feel fueled.

Tips for fueling your body well:

  • Snack well – eat nutrient-dense foods in small portions throughout the day, like nuts, peanuts, fruit, trail mix, yoghurt, salads, raw date balls, cheeses, etc.
  • Meal plans – write down your meal plans for the week and shop ahead of time. Keep meals as fresh as possible.
  • Meal prep – prepare your cooked food on a weekend and freeze for the week ahead according to your meal plan.
  • Prioritise meals – no skipping. If mornings tend to be rushed, try prep your breakfast to go. If you know you have a meeting, make sure you factor in your lunchtime.
  • Eat together as a family – enjoying a meal together is so much better than vegetating in front of the TV. You’ll likely eat slower, stay connected and enjoy your meals more too.
  • Shop online to avoid impulse buying – anyone else love grabbing sugary snacks in the queue? Guilty! Buying your food and snacks online will help you stay disciplined and stick to your budget. Have you shopped for your Montagu goodies online yet?


Habit: get strong
Building good habits physically this year can be less about losing weight and sculpting muscle, and more about getting fit, getting strong and feeling good. Staying house-bound has made this tricky for most people, so try to get outdoors safely and into nature as often as possible.

Here are some gentle exercise ideas you can try:

  • Do some online workouts in the lounge or the garden
  • Work out as a family by going for hikes, walks around the neighbourhood, or family bike rides
  • Got a pool? Fantastic! Cool off and get some cardio in by doing some daily laps.
  • Do some stretching, Pilates or yoga while your morning coffee brews
  • Commit to running/walking with a friend/colleague before or after work every day
  • If you’re a new mom, arrange a morning coffee walk with another mom friend


Habit: get mindful
Silence, solitude, prayer, meditation… Whatever the idea of ‘reflection’ looks like for you, this is a key habit that has the potential to change your mental and emotional health. Just as unhealthy food makes us feel bloated and sluggish, our thoughts can quickly become negative and toxic if we fill our minds with ‘junk’. It’s so important to build positive mental health habits. What can you do to slow down, turn down the ‘noise’ of everyday life and reflect?

Here are some ideas for reflection:

  • Start your morning in silence
  • Drink your coffee slowly and mindfully
  • Delay looking at your phone in the morning
  • Switch your phone off or to flight mode at night, and use an alarm clock instead
  • Set aside time for 10 – 15 minutes (or longer) of daily quiet time / prayer / meditation
  • Take a walk outside or go for a quiet drive
  • Read before bed instead of screen time
  • Step away from your desk during tea and lunch breaks
  • Listen to uplifting music or a positive podcast
  • Journal or write down your thoughts, goals and dreams
  • Eat your meals mindfully and without distractions
  • Do a social media / news app ‘fast’ or limit what you consume each day
  • Do some ‘self-care bingo’ – check out our social media pages for some great ideas
Commit to making reflection a daily habit and watch how the course of your year changes.


Habit: get laughing
If there’s one thing that’s going to fill your tank this year, it’s FUN. Laughter, chilled vibes and good times with the people you love. Life’s simple pleasures can make the biggest difference. The trick to getting this right is to diarise and prioritise. After that, let the fun begin!

Here are some fun (and safe) ideas to fit in some fun:

  • Picnics in the garden, on the beach or the local park (when they’re open, of course)
  • Family movie / game night (you’ll need great snacks for those!)
  • Create some yummy treats at home. We just love this coffee nut brittle, these savoury cheese cookies and this cinnamon date granola. Better yet, why not host a family bake-off or a Come Dine With Me?
  • Colour in, do a crossword or a giant family puzzle
  • Do a family dance battle, karaoke, scavenger hunt or play charades  
We hope you’re encouraged and motivated to make this New Year count and rebuild yourself with a few of these positive habits. So take some time, take stock and above all else, take heart – the best is yet to come!


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