Healthier Alternatives to Chips

1. Carrot Chips

Who would have thought that you could put those two words together? Well, this serves as a great alternative to unhealthy carbs. Not only does it satisfy the cravings, but it is also a great source of Vitamin A. Slice them thinly, sprinkle with a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon and add a dash of orange juice and pop it into the oven for about 45mins. Bake until crisp and voila! Delicious with a honey double cream plain yoghurt dip. Mix it up with various colour carrots, and you will have yourself one amazing snack!

2. Spiced Apple Chips

Apples are high in dietary fibre and antioxidants and have been shown to reduce risks for heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The obvious alternative… and now you can use this in more ways than what you thought. Bake on both sides for 30 mins at 200 degrees and you can spice them with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Sounds yummy, right?

3. Baked Banana Chips

Banana is known for its potassium and Vitamin C. But, it is also a great source of Vitamin B6. Dried banana is an amazingly tasty chip alternative, which even the kids will like. And you know what… you get them in various flavours! A great snack to munch on… Plantain Chips!

4. Turnip

The perfect crunch companion. So Turnip is a source of Vitamin B6, which helps with the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that helps with appetite control. Roast them in the oven on high until crispy.

5. Beet

Not only does this appetizing purple chips look good, it also has great benefits. It helps with detox and is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. If you are into sweeter snacks, this one is perfect, as it is sweet from natural sugars.

6. Butternut

Wait, what? Butternut? So, apparently these are super tasty and sweet. You will need to slice these very thinly. Bake on both sides (about 20 minutes) until the edges turn brown.

7. Sweet Potato

This is an all-time favourite and tastier than you might think. Instead of reaching for potato, reach for the SWEET potato! Perfect with a little added garlic and rosemary or you can make cinnamon flavour.
Obviously there is absolutely no reason to make bad choices anymore. Be mindful, be happy, snack happy! 
Let’s be honest with ourselves; once that bag pops, you can’t stop. Right? Then indulging in the feeling of those delicious carbs crunching in your mouth, your taste-buds craving for more and more. Licking the MSG’s from your finger-tips. OKAY! STOP.

The best way to not fall into this trap of viciousness is to not start at all. Don’t even create that environment where you put yourself in the temptation to pop that bag.

Look, we know how easy it is to fall back into convenient habits, especially with kids, teens and friends around a braai. So we have decided to share a few ideas as to how you can combat these chip cravings and healthier alternatives for when you feel like giving in.

We’ve decided to share our list of healthier alternatives to chips with you:
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