Chef Mynhardt Joubert
We are in the last stretch of the year. It is the season of giving! Our favourite time of the year.

We’ve once again partnered with Paarl-based chef Mynhardt Joubert for his Festive Fruitcake Charity Drive to raise funds to healp vulnerable children and the elderly. Mynhardt and his team will be baking 1 200 fruitcakes to sell countrywide, in aid of our chosen charities for 2020. The project is supported by brands much loved in South African kitchens, KWV, Sasko, Moir’s and yours truly. 

Chef Mynhardt Joubert’s fruitcake celebrates Christmas traditions and all things delicious. Every slice is an edible jewel of shiny glacé cherries, nuts, plumped-up dried fruit, dates and golden sultanas. Even those who don’t really enjoy fruitcake fall in love with it. 

Each cake weighs a hefty 1,8 kg and is available to purchase on the Montagu website at R560 (delivery included). Include a Montagu Christmas Bake box or Gift box in your order to round off the perfect gift. 

Enjoy every bite of the fruitcake – now or later, preferably later, as it gets better with time. Just keep it well-wrapped, sprinkling it with brandy now and then. 

Meet our Charities

Butterfly House, is an independent NGO, operating in the Drakenstein sub-district, is a community resource centre which aims to address the needs of children and youth, with an expectation of living, infected and affected by life threatening illnesses and / or life-limiting conditions. 
 Badisa Huis Uitvlucht in the Klein Karoo town of Montagu, and its programmes to enrich the lives of older people in their care, many who are frail and fully dependant on their small monthly Sassa grant.

Free State Festive Fruit Cake


FREE DELIVERY if you add any snack box to the order

Chef Mynhardt Joubert will be baking 1200 festive cakes to sell country wide in aid of our chosen charities: The Butterfly House and House Uitvlucht in Montagu. All proceeds will go towards these NGO’s.
Enjoy every bite of this hefty 1.8kg fruitcake – now or later, preferably later, as it gets better with time!
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Great Gifts!

The Christmas Gift Box is perfect to surprise your loved ones, friends and colleagues. It is packed with Montagu goodness that will warm their hearts. 


Caramel Coated - Popcorn - 100g 
Fruit Cubes - Mango, Carrot & Ginger - 50g
Fruit Cubes - Blueberry - 50g 
Chocolate Coated - Peanuts - 50g 
Peanuts & Raisins - Bobotie Flavoured - 50g 
Peanuts & Raisins - Spicy Coconut Flavoured - 50g
Mango Strips - Choice Grade - 100g 
Mixed Tree Nuts Roasted & Salted - 100g 
Cashews Roasted & Salted - 100g 
Fruit Swirl - Mixed Berry -  80g 
Beef Biltong Orig. 50g 
Beef D/Wors Orig. 50g 
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Montagu Christmas Bake Box is the perfect box of tasty ingredients to fill your festive season panty. The box is filled with ingredients to bake up to 5 moreishly delicious Christmas recipes for young and old.

Each box will have 6 Montagu recipes to choose from.

First 50 boxes will get a free Montagu apron.


Bakers Mix - Choice Grade -  250g 
Dates Pitted - Choice Grade - 250g
Sultanas Golden - Choice Grade - 250g
Pecan Nuts - 100g 
Almond Flakes - 100g 
Cranberries - Choice Grade - 100g 
Macadamias Raw - 100g 
Coconut Flakes - 100g 
Almond Flour -  300g 
Hazelnuts Blanched - 100g
Pistachio Roasted & Salted - 100g
Lifestyle - Immune Support Mix - 100g
Oats - Gluten Free GV - 500g
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The Montagu FUNTestic box is packed with the new and exciting range of healthier snacks. You can now purchase one box and get to taste all 27 of the new products!  


Lifestyle Range x 6
Fruit Swirls x 4
Mango Bites x 4
Fruit Flakes x 6
Sour Wiggles  x 3
Peanuts x 4
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School snacks are sorted with this snacktastic Montagu school snack box. The kids will love these awesome snacks. Break-time just got yummy! 


Sour Wiggle Apple
Sour Wiggles Lemon
Sour Wiggles Cherry
Beef D/wors Original 40g vp x 3
Beef biltong Orginal sliced 25g single x 3
Peanuts & Raisins 50g x 2
Almonds Raw 50g x 2
Cashew W320 Roasted and Sated 50g x 2
Mango Bites Berry blaze
Mango Bites Coconut Butter
Flavoured Roasted Peanuts smokehouse BBQ x 2
High Energy Mix
Brain Food Blend
Caramel Coated Popcorn
Fruit Swirls Strawberry
Fruit Swirls Blackcurrant
Fruit Flakes Mixed Berry
Fruit Flakes Apple
Flaki Fruit Choice Grade x 2
Chocolate Coated Peanuts x 2
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Make your days happier, healthier and more productive with the Montagu office snack box. The first 50 orders will receive a complimentary box of Carrol Boyes chocolates.


Immune Support Mix
Heart Friendly Mix
Mango Bites Berry Blaze
Mango Bites Coconut Butter
Cranberry 50g
Low GI Mix
Almonds RAW 50g
Montagu Mix 50g x 2
Banana Chips Honey 100g
Jungle Mix 100g
Mixed Nuts Roasted and salted 50g x 2
Beef Snap Sticks Chutney 40g x 2
Beef d/wors org v/p 50g x 2
Flavoured Roasted Peanuts Smokehouse BBQ
Fruit Swirls Mango
Fruit Flakes Peach
Cashews Roasted & Salted 50g
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Get a pair of free Dirt Addict socks, worth R120, with each Trail Box!  The Trail Snack Box is perfect for the active lifestyle. Packed with 19 really good snacks, ready to accompany you to any outdoor activity.


Lifestyle High Energy Snack 1 x 100g
Lifestyle Low GI Mix 1 x 100g
Jungle Mix 1 x 100g
Nut, Raisin, Berry & Seed Mix 1 x 100g
Flavoured Roasted Peanuts Smokehouse BBQ 2 x 50g
Flaki Fruit Choice Grade 1 x 100g
Cashew W320 Roasted & Salted 2 x 50g
Mixed Nuts Roasted & Salted 2 x 50g
Hawaiian Mix 1 x 100g
Mango Bites Berry Blaze 1 x 50g
Mango Bites Coconut Butter 1 x 50g
Pumpkin Seeds 1 x 200g
Pitted Sayer Dates Choice Grade 1 x 250g
Pecan nuts Whole Halves 2 x 100g
Banana Chips Honey Flavoured 1 x 100g
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Buy a Braai Snack Box and stand a chance to win a box with 6 x bottles of Diemersfontein wine. Four winners will be selected to win this fantastic prize. 


Beef Shredded Biltong 80g V/P                
Beef D/Wors Orig. 80g V/P             
Beef Snapsticks Chutney 40g V/P             
Beef Snapsticks Original 40g V/P  
Peanuts and Raisins Mix - 450g  
Roasted Corn - Chutney Flavoured - 250g   
Mixed Tree Nuts Roasted & Salted -  100g    
Cashews - Peri Peri Flavoured - 100g 
Peanuts Roasted - Spicy BBQ Flavoured150g x 2
Mango Strips - Choice Grade100g     
Peanuts Roasted - Jalapeno Flavoured 150g
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Festive Cake Press Release

The act of giving is in my DNA, making Christmas my favourite time of the year. It makes sharing my Free State fruitcake with you and the story behind it extra special. It’s the fifth year that this festive cake has been at the heart of our mission to give back to our community.
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