No Bake Healthy High Energy Snack Bites

We just love a great snack! This is a great snack for gym or healthy eating for kids’ lunch boxes. Thank you Nita West for this wonderful recipe.


15 minutes 


1 cup Montagu dates (250g)
1-1.5 cup of Montagu High Energy Snack (roughly chopped) 
1/3 cup Montagu cranberries (50g)
1 cup of nut butter of choice
 *1/3 cup of grounded Montagu cashews (if the mixture is still too sticky) 


Mix everything in a high-speed blender (keep half your energy snack for mixing in at the end for texture).
Roll into bite-size balls.

Adjust method for kids to bake with you

If you want to kids to participate:
Chop your cranberries fine. 
Chop half your Energy mix fine. 
Leave some roughly chopped for texture. 
Mom to use a blender to turn your dates into a thick paste. 
Let the kids blend everything by hand. It should come together like a dough when ready. 
Roll into bite-size balls.
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