Easter chocolate bark

Make your own easy and colourful chocolate bark loaded with lots of delicious toppings! This is a great treat for kids and easy to make! Thank you Teresa from Cupcakes & Couscous for this delicious recipe!



  • Line a baking sheet with some baking paper.
  • Pour the melted dark chocolate on to the tray and spread into rectangle roughly 30cm x 20cm. 
  • Divide the melted white chocolate into three small bowls. Use the pink food colouring to colour one bowl pink, make another bowl turquoise and the leave the last one white. Drizzle the three bowls of chocolate over the dark chocolate. 
  • Sprinkle half of the candy eggs over the chocolate. Lightly crush the remaining eggs and sprinkle them over the chocolate too. 
  • Sprinkle the mixed nuts and cranberries over the chocolate. Set the chocolate aside to cool and 
  • harden completely.
  • Snap the chocolate bark into pieces before serving. Store in a cool place. 
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