Chocolate Almond Truffles

These chocolate almond truffles are perfect pop-in-your-mouth moments of bliss. Delicious sugar-free Nova chocolate smothered almond centres with added crunchy almond bits – not much could sound better than this.

A special thanks to Nita West for this mouthful of happiness!

Time to make:30 minutes to make
Makes: 12-13 truffles


250g almond flour
¼ cup xylitol (blitz in the coffee grinder to make powdered)
Lemon zest (fine)
1 egg white (lightly beaten) (40g)
1 Tsp orange flower water/lemon juice
1 cup almonds (chopped)
Sugar-free chocolate (2 cups melting nova chips)


1. Mix almond flour, lemon zest and powdered xylitol.
2. Then add egg white and orange flower water/lemon juice
3. Mix well until your marzipan starts coming together in a ball. Add water by the teaspoon if the mixture is too dry.
4. Shape into truffle balls and place in the freezer.
5. Melt your sugar-free Nova melting chocolate and add in chopped almonds.
6. Dip your truffle marzipan balls and place on wax paper to set.
7. Place in fridge before serving.

Enjoy every bite!
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