Top 25 Tips To Keep Those Little Busy Bodies, Your Kids, Entertained This Holiday

School holidays is as much a swear word for working parents as it is a saving grace for hard working teachers. It’s quit a job to keep busy bodies entertained, out of mischief and in a happy space. Parents need to become top entertainers and working parents learn how to juggle work and family at a fast pace.

We’ve asked our amazing fans some ideas for holiday activities for kids. Here are the top 25 fun holiday activities for kids to help you keep your kids entertained for the school holidays.

Activity list

  • Host a dance or talent competition for the whole family. Parents must also take part.
  • Make different coloured play dough with the kids and spend hours making play dough sculptures.
  • Invest in Lego blocks.
  • Decorate plain white stones that you buy at the nursery with different coloured permanent markers.
  • Visit the local public library.
  • Bake sugar cookies or cupcakes together and decorate them with icing and sweets.
  • Make your own home made slime.
  • Go for a hike.
  • On a sunny day, pack a picnic and head out to the local park.
  • Build a fort with blankets and chairs and have a picnic inside the fort.
  • Make popcorn and watch movies.
  • Play a board game like Monopoly.
  • Get the creative juices going by making arts and crafts with recycled materials around the house.
  • Beach or park clean up – remember your gloves and a plastic bag.
  • Invest in a few puzzles for the family.
  • Make paper mache crafts and paint it.
  • Make your own home made paint and enjoy finger painting. Why not try this puffy paint recipe for fun.
  • Blow up some balloons and play some indoor balloon games.
  • Make your own bird feeder and watch as the birds come to feed.
  • Have an inside treasure hunt. Leave clues around the house and/or garden let them solve it until they find the treasure.
  • Plant veggie seeds in the garden or in a pot.
  • Go out for a Putt-Putt game.
  • Visit a local museum.
  • Do some fun science experiments with the kids. Here’s 50 fun science experiments for kids.
  • Play your own indoor bowling game, made up out of old cold drink bottles and a tennis ball.
One of the most popular holiday activities was cooking and baking with your kids using Montagu products. Watch this space for some fun recipes that you can use for your holiday baking.

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