Top 10 Ways To Spoil Mom

We’re giving you the top 10 ways to spoil mom this Mother’s Day because mom needs a break.

We often think we have to arrange big family or group events for days like Mother’s Day but sometimes mom simply needs a break. Spoil her by helping her have a day which does not at all resemble her every day. Change is as good as a holiday they say and that’s the long and the short of it.

Top 10 ways to spoil mom:

1. Get out of the house and leave mom alone for a day.

2. Serve her breakfast in bed and actually do all the cleaning up afterwards.

3. Send a special surprise gift and some flowers to be delivered to her office.

4. Book her a night away at a spa – just mom.

5. Create a memory jar:

Instead of giving mom the usual go-to chocolate and sweets gift, create something meaningful that she can treasure forever. Write out some of your best memories on small pieces of pretty paper and include memorable things you have done together, family traditions, special things she has done for you, the best advice she has given you, etc. and pop them into a pretty jar. This way, she’ll always have a record of the difference she has made in your life and can relive these special memories at any time she wants. You can make a special tradition of adding in some more memories each year – you’ll be surprised at how much sharing these memories mean to your mom or grandmother.


6. Create a Mother’s Day survival kit box:

Decorate a shoebox with some pretty paper and photos of you and mom and fill the box with some special items that have a hidden meaning. Items to include: a cotton ball – “to soften life’s falls”, a plaster – “to heal hurt feelings”, a battery – “for extra energy”, a toothpick – “to pick out the good qualities in your kids”, a button – “to button up your lips when you need to”, an eraser – “to erase the mistakes you’ll make along the way”, a roll of lifesavers – “to remind her you’re always there when she needs you”, a candle – “to light her way when things seem darkest”, tissues – “for when she needs a shoulder to cry on”, and some airtime – “to remind her she can always call you whenever she needs a chat”. Label these items with a pretty tag for a gift from the heart.


7. Give mom the day off

. Clean the house, do the washing, cook supper and wash the dishes. Whatever mom does, you do.
8. Take mom’s car for a wash and valet.


9. Get mom tickets to a fun ladies workout event:

If mom’s an early riser and loves workouts, buy her some tickets to get into the groove early by attending a new pop-up workout presented by Women’s Health magazine. It’s happening the day before Mother’s Day, with stretching, pilates and dance forming the crux of the workout. You can also expect a morning coffee, goody bag, and can take mom to lunch at Val de Vie, the hosts of the Chase The Sun morning workout. Cost: R299 (single entry), R520 (besties tickets)


10. Take mom for a high tea at a very smart 5-star hotel

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