With 90% pure fruit pulp, Montagu Fruity Bears “bear” the mark of a seriously yummy (and healthy) gummy snack!

We come bearing some beary good news! Montagu Fruity Bears have finally launched and are ready to take your kids’ lunchboxes from boring to brilliant!

“Oh, but I can’t bear the thought of giving my kids another snack loaded with sugar!” you exclaim. Hang on, bear with us! There are so many reasons why Fruity Bears are so much bear-ter than regular gummy sweets. These fruity chews are made with 90% pure fruit pulp, making them a much healthier sweet alternative with none of the added junk. The only sugar you’ll find in these juicy treats is wholesome sunshine goodness.

Now that’s just beary nice, don’t you think?

Fruity Bears come in 40g snack packs in three yummy flavours:
  • Mango
  • Mixed Berry
  • Strawberry

A Healthy Alternative to Traditional Gummy Bears

Not only do they taste super yummy, but Fruity Bears also pack plenty of health bear-nefits, as they are:
  • Very high in Vitamin C
  • High in dietary fibre
  • Preservative-free
  • Contain no added cane sugar
  • Contain no artificial colourants

A packet of Montagu Fruity Bears doesn’t just make a fun snack for your little one’s lunchbox or snack pack. They’re also great to keep in your handbag or car cubby for when you’re on the go between school and after-school activities. Pop them into your picnic basket for your next visit to the beach or park, or toss them into party packs as a fun take-home treat.

Now, we know that kids can smell when you’re trying to dupe them with the healthy stuff - but with Montagu Fruity Bears, they’ll bearely notice the difference. In fact, these could even become their new favourite sweet treat! And if that doesn’t make snack prep more bearable, we don’t know what will.

We can bearly wait for you and your kids to try them and find your favourite flavour! Get them in stores now.

Where to Get the All-New Montagu Fruity Bears:

Stock up on our new Fruity Bears at your nearest Montagu, or view our range online!

At Montagu, we are passionate about creating snacks that don’t just taste great but are healthy too. That’s why our kids snacks range is so popular with families living busy lifestyles: fruity fun with none of the junk! Find your favourites at your nearest store or order online today!
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