Ideas to spoil dad this Father's Day! 

1. Fill up some jars with his favourite snacks and decorate the jars. 
2. Make him breakfast in bed.
3. Bake dad some delicious snacktime treats. We have a few recipes you can try! 
4. Do a Zoom call with your dad if you can't be with him and call all the siblings to join in. 
5. Give him a hand made card with a special message or poem. 
6. Make vouchers with chores that he can use. For example: 1 Free coffee. Free back rub, free bear hug etc. 
7. Send dad a Montagu Father's Day gift box. 

Not going to see dad? Don't worry! 

We know that a few dads will not be able to share Father's Day with the kids, so we decided to help make Father's Day special to these dads this year.
We've created a fantastic Father's Day snack box that is available to order online. It will be delivered to your door! What better surprize if you can't be there? 
We hope that you can draw some inspiration from all of these ideas and keep an eye out for these recipes that we will be sharing in the next few days! 
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