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Can you remember the summer you tasted your very first fresh mango? What a moment, right? Juicy, tropical, fruity flesh with all its tart-sweet goodness, dripping down your chin and in between your little fingers.


Can you remember the moment you tasted your very first dried mango? Mind-blowing, right? Plump strips of golden deliciousness, bursting with concentrated sunshine and  flavours of a distant tropical island.


Most of us don’t need much convincing that mangoes are amazing. Yet there has often been a bit of a battle between those who believe fresh is better and those who are big on the dried kind. So for the sake of peace, and the poor mangoes who are stuck in the middle, let’s settle the debate and go back to eating them in whichever form we prefer.

Cool? Let’s do the Mango Tango! (whatever that means)

Dried mango vs fresh mango: which is healthier?

Whichever side of the Great Mango Debate you stand on, it’s always a good idea to look at the research. Most researchers agree that while fresh and dried mangoes have significant health benefits, dried mango is considerably higher in natural sugars and carbohydrates than fresh ones - simply because they’re concentrated. Something to keep in mind if you’re being calorie-conscious.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to shut dried mangoes out of your life forever. That would be cruel and traumatic - for both you and the mangoes! (We’re also not sure why we’re treating mangoes as people in this blog, but let’s just go with it… we’re in too deep now).
When dried mango contains no added sugar or flavourings, it can make an excellent on-the-go snack to enjoy as part of your healthy, active lifestyle. Fresh mango in season is amazing to include in your favourite fruit salads, skewers, juices and smoothies. Depending on where you are, what you’re doing or what you feel like, there are ways to enjoy both fresh and dried mango equally - as long as you don’t overdo it with your portion sizes.

And hey, maybe you’re just the kind of person who prefers one over the other - that’s ok! Like anything good in life, mangoes (fresh or dried) should be eaten in moderation.

What makes dried mango so great?

While fresh mango is always great to have, there are definitely some big benefits to enjoying them dried too:
  • Convenience: Sweet, dried mango strips. Always perfectly ripe. Packaged as an on-the-go snack? What’s not to love?
  • Availability: Fresh, locally grown mangoes are seasonal treats. When you get a hankering for mango, you get to munch on dried mango all year round.
  • Quality: When you buy dried mango from trusted sources (cough… Montagu… cough), know that you’re enjoying the best produce available.
  • No mess: A bonus for those who don’t do well with sticky fingers and faces, dried mangoes make for super clean snacking and you can still enjoy the goodness.
  • Probiotic-enriched: Well, ours are, at least ;) Just to make living a healthier lifestyle easier for you, we’ve launched a yummy range of probiotic-enriched mango bites.
Now, where were we? Oh, yes…

Top 3 health benefits of dried mango

1. It’s a fab source of fibre
Eating a diet rich in fibre is so important for gut health. Mangoes contain soluble dietary fibre which plays a role in glucose absorption and maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels. They also contain insoluble dietary fibre which supports a healthy gut and regular laxation, making it a good treatment for constipation.
In other words, it might be tempting, but don’t eat too much mango. Rather go for whole grains and veg to do the heavy lifting in this department. Too much dried fruit in general has been known to cause some, er… tummy issues. 30-40g is a good guide for portion size.

2. It’s packed with potassium
When people hear the word ‘potassium’, they often think of bananas as the best source - and yet mangoes are just as good, if not better! In fact, dried mango contains more than 200 mg potassium per 40 g serving.
Potassium is essential for normal water and electrolyte levels in the body. It helps our nervous systems and muscles function properly, and it also contributes to normal blood pressure levels and regular heart rhythm. Pow pow! 

3. It’s an excellent energy source
One-third cup of dried mango contains 160 calories, most of which are made up of carbohydrates. But don’t let that scare you off if you’re watching your waistline. If your lifestyle is active, all those natural sugars and carbohydrates are great for your energy levels if you eat mango in moderation. Including them in your diet makes an excellent source of energy to power you through your day.

10 great ways to include dried mango in your diet

Dried mangoes are amazing on their own, but there are so many great ways to add a bit of mango magic to your lifestyle:
  1. Chop up a few strips and sprinkle them onto your morning oats
  2. Add a tropical twist to your homemade trail mix or granola by adding dried mango
  3. Chop and mix them into your favourite muffin batter, cake mix or oatmeal cookies
  4. Soften with water and blitz into your morning smoothie
  5. Make your own mango chutney or atchar
  6. Toss mango bits into your favourite summer salad
  7. Rehydrate some mango strips and pop them onto your favourite meat skewers
  8. Make some yummy fruity bites or low carb gluten-free mango bars  
  9. Shred dried mango and add to your favourite yoghurt or some vanilla ice cream
  10. Dip mango strips into dark chocolate and sprinkle with pistachios for a decadent treat.

Some things to keep in mind...

Ideal snack time? Mangoes are high in fructose, so ideally you want to eat them in the morning or when you’re out and about - being on the go will help you burn through those sugars faster.

Late night cravings? With that in mind, mangoes probably aren’t the best snack to have when you’re needing a late night snack. Try going for a handful of nuts instead.

Blood sugar conditions? If you have high blood sugar or diabetes, dried mango might not be the best snack for you. Be sure to consult your doctor before including them in your diet.

And that’s that! Go mad (but not too mad)… for dried mangoes!

Got a little mango madness? Get yours now.

Make sure mangoes are on your shopping list when you stock up on your snack essentials! Visit a Montagu retail store near you or order your mangoes online and have them shipped straight to your door. 

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