4 Health Tips For Busy Moms



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  6. Special type of human who can survive on 4 hours of sleep
  7. Superhero in disguise

If you have a mom, are a mom or know a mom, you know that one thing’s for sure: moms really are superheroes.Dr Phil often says that a stay-at-home mom works the equivalent of two full-time jobs. That said, working moms somehow have to balance a career and mom duties at the same time.

How they do it all remains a mystery. But as amazing as moms are, who they are to us often comes at a cost. And it’s usually in the health department. 

Admirable? Absolutely. 

A good idea though? Not so much. 

Moms, me-time is essential if you want to be at your best. Take care of yourself, and you’ll be able to take care of those you love. So, with your health in mind…

Here are 4 health tips for busy moms on the go

1. Plan to exercise ( ... and plan some more )

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your mom probably said that at some point. And now that you’re a mom yourself, it kills you to learn that she was right. Right?
Proper planning is the key to making better health choices as a busy mom. Here are some helpful tips to help you include exercise in your day:
  • Diarise a manageable exercise plan (in your diary, on the fridge or on your phone)
  • Set daily reminders for exercise on your phone calendar
  • Set your morning alarm earlier and fit in a run before the day runs away with you
  • Center exercise around daily activities such as school runs and after school activities
  • Anticipate your down-time (try not to default to series binge-watching)


Get the kids involved

If you’re smart about it, it’s easy to work exercise in when you spend time with your little ones. Here are some great ideas from moms who have learned to take advantage of their busy lifestyles:
  • Buy a jogging stroller if you have tots or toddlers
  • Take a walk with the kids around your neighbourhood
  • Shoot hoops in the yard or driveway
  • Play Hopscotch or jump-rope together on the concrete
  • Take advantage of great weather – hit the beach or the local park
  • Look for opportunities to walk instead of drive
  • Arrange an outdoor play-date with other friends who have kids – we’re all in this exercise thing together!


3. Prepare food in advance

This part is usually the toughest nut to crack and takes a bit of extra planning. But the results are worth it because you will be able to make better on-the-go food choices. From breakfasts to school lunches, snacks and dinners, a little planning will make you a healthier version of yourself.

These tips will help you prepare food in advance so that you don’t need to rush around like a crazy person when you are low on time during the week.

Plan your meals: create rotating meal rosters to keep things interesting.

Keep it simple: Prepare fresh and healthy meals that use as few ingredients as possible.

Shop on the weekend: where possible, shop for the week ahead on a weekend.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach: this leads to bad snacking choices when you’re on the go.

Cook and freeze: Meals like mince, stews and casseroles can be prepared in advance so that all you have to do is defrost and serve.

No more last-minute takeout!

Chop, bag and refrigerate: time-consuming food prep, like veggies and fruit, can be done in advance. These can be vacuum-packed and refrigerated for when you need it.

Snack well: stock up on healthy on-the-go or lunchbox snacks like Montagu Snack Packs, and Raw Date and Nut Truffles. You can also bake healthier lunchbox snacks at home like Muesli Balls, Seed Loaf and Energy Balls.


4. Stay Hydrated

If you’re a working mom, healthy habits at work are essential. This includes drinking plenty of water. We know how it is… as soon as you fire up your PC, the day is in full swing and it’s easy to forget to top up on H2O. Here are some tips to prevent this:
  • When you get to work, make sure you have water at your desk before you start your day.
  • Always keep a water bottle with you on the go and during meetings.
  • Follow every cup of tea or coffee with a glass of water.

Food that woman should be eating include plenty of nutrient-dense snacks like dried fruitnuts and seeds. At Montagu, we care about your health and wellbeing. As tempting as it may be, don’t eat off your child’s plate. As for waste-not-want-not… mom may have been wrong about that one!
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